< Class Phalcon\Http\Request\Exception


Class Phalcon\Http\Response >


Class Phalcon\Http\Request\File

implements Phalcon\Http\Request\FileInterface

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Provides OO wrappers to the $_FILES superglobal


class PostsController extends \Phalcon\Mvc\Controller

    public function uploadAction()
            //Check if the user has uploaded files
            if ($this->request->hasFiles() == true) {
                    //Print the real file names and their sizes
                    foreach ($this->request->getUploadedFiles() as $file){
                            echo $file->getName(), " ", $file->getSize(), "\n";



public getError ()

public getKey ()

public getExtension ()

public __construct (array $file, [unknown $key])

Phalcon\Http\Request\File constructor

public getSize ()

Returns the file size of the uploaded file

public getName ()

Returns the real name of the uploaded file

public getTempName ()

Returns the temporal name of the uploaded file

public getType ()

Returns the mime type reported by the browser This mime type is not completely secure, use getRealType() instead

public getRealType ()

Gets the real mime type of the upload file using finfo

public isUploadedFile ()

Checks whether the file has been uploaded via Post.

public moveTo (unknown $destination)

Moves the temporary file to a destination within the application

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