< Class Phalcon\Db\Result\Pdo


Class Phalcon\Debug\Dump >


Class Phalcon\Debug

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Provides debug capabilities to Phalcon applications


public setUri (unknown $uri)

Change the base URI for static resources

public setShowBackTrace (unknown $showBackTrace)

Sets if files the exception’s backtrace must be showed

public setShowFiles (unknown $showFiles)

Set if files part of the backtrace must be shown in the output

public setShowFileFragment (unknown $showFileFragment)

Sets if files must be completely opened and showed in the output or just the fragment related to the exception

public listen ([unknown $exceptions], [unknown $lowSeverity])

Listen for uncaught exceptions and unsilent notices or warnings

public listenExceptions ()

Listen for uncaught exceptions

public listenLowSeverity ()

Listen for unsilent notices or warnings

public halt ()

Halts the request showing a backtrace

public debugVar (unknown $varz, [unknown $key])

Adds a variable to the debug output

public clearVars ()

Clears are variables added previously

protected _escapeString (unknown $value)

Escapes a string with htmlentities

protected _getArrayDump (array $argument, [unknown $n])

Produces a recursive representation of an array

protected _getVarDump (unknown $variable)

Produces an string representation of a variable

public getMajorVersion ()

Returns the major framework’s version

public getVersion ()

Generates a link to the current version documentation

public getCssSources ()

Returns the css sources

public getJsSources ()

Returns the javascript sources

final protected showTraceItem (unknown $n, array $trace)

Shows a backtrace item

public onUncaughtLowSeverity (unknown $severity, unknown $message, unknown $file, unknown $line)

Throws an exception when a notice or warning is raised

public onUncaughtException (Exception $exception)

Handles uncaught exceptions

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